Cruz Children To Quarantine Due To School Policy

Politico reports:

Three weeks before Sen. Ted Cruz embarked on his ill-fated Cancun trip to escape the aftermath of Texas’s devastating winter storm, the elite K-12 Houston private school attended by his two daughters emailed a Covid warning to parents about international travel.

The bottom line: St. John’s School students who travel internationally must quarantine for 7 to 10 days upon their return. And they won’t be able to even learn online while in isolation.

As newly released text messages and Cruz-mocking memes exploded on social media, St. John’s parents demanded the school enforce the safety rules that will keep his kids out of class, taking the scandal out of the political realm and into his home. A Cruz spokesman said the senator’s “daughters plan to follow the St. John’s policy.”

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The New York Post reports:

Cruz has faced blowback for the trip from all angles, including Houston’s police chief and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. Still more blowback came when he blamed the trip on the girls, ages 10 and 12, who he said had asked to take the jaunt. By Thursday, he’d ‘fessed up that it was “obviously a mistake.” So many parents were heatedly commenting about the trip on the Facebook page for the exclusive $31,820-a year school that administrators closed the site to comments.