Cruz Accused Of Vacationing In Mexico As TX Freezes

San Antonio’s ABC News affiliate reports:

Photos circulating on Twitter late Wednesday purport to show Texas Senator Ted Cruz on a flight to Cancun, Mexico, during the state‘s historic disaster. One sleuth cited clues from a photo that puts Cruz inside the Houston International Airport near the terminal for a United flight to Cancun at 4:10 p.m. Less than an hour later, UA1020 departed for Cancun and landed at 7:52 p.m., online flight records show.

Keith Edwards, a Democratic operative who worked on Georgia Senator Jon Ossof’s campaign, tweeted that people who were on the flight with Cruz had confirmed to him the photos veracity in direct messages. Nothing on Cruz’s most recent Twitter timeline mentions travel. He has shared resources for the storm, including information on a warming center in San Antonio and a request for residents of South Texas to donate blood if they’re able.

#Cancun is #1 on Twitter this morning. I’m not 100% convinced but the furor is something to see.