Crowdfunding Drive Seeks $300K For Straka’s Defense

From the crowdfunding site AllFundIt:

On January 25th, the FBI arrested Brandon Straka based on a criminal complaint that alleges charges in connection with the events at the capitol on January 6th, 2021. Brandon has been released from jail but there is a long road ahead. Friends and family have retained an excellent legal defense for Brandon but as one can imagine, it will be costly. If you can contribute to the cost of his defense, we would greatly appreciate it. Brandon has received the kind messages of support from each of you and wants you all to know that he’s thinking about you during this time. Please continue to lift Brandon up in your prayers!

According to their FAQ page, AllFundIt processes donations via Stripe, which last month stopped processing payments to the Trump campaign site. Most crowdfunding companies don’t allow campaigns for legal defense, so we’ll see if Stripe is pressured for supporting accused rioters.