Court Tosses Carter Page’s Suit Against Media Giant

The Associated Press reports:

A Delaware judge has dismissed a defamation lawsuit filed by former Donald Trump campaign operative Carter Page against the media company that includes Yahoo! and AOL and that formerly owned HuffPost. The judge ruled last week that Page had failed to demonstrate that articles written about his connection to an FBI investigation into suspected Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign were defamatory or untrue.

Page claimed that he was harmed by the publication of false and defamatory statements suggesting that he was secretly plotting with Russian leaders to sabotage the 2016 election. The lawsuit was filed in July against Oath Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Verizon Communications Inc. that is now known as Verizon Media. Page sought to hold Oath liable for 11 articles, particularly one written by Michael Isikoff and published by Yahoo! in September 2016.

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