Cohen Apologizes To Stormy Daniels For “Needless Pain”

The Associated Press reports:

Seeking to bury the hatchet, Cohen interviews Daniels in the latest episode of his podcast, “Mea Culpa,” in which the two commiserate over life-altering experiences with Trump and his recent departure from office.

Cohen, in keeping with the title of his program, apologizes for “the needless pain” he put Daniels through when he arranged a $130,000 payment during the 2016 presidential campaign to keep her quiet about an alleged dalliance with Trump a decade earlier. Trump has denied the affair.

“Both of our stories will be forever linked with Donald Trump, but also with one another,” Cohen tells her. “Thanks for giving me a second chance.”

The Daily Beast reports:

Daniels said her memory of the encounter was reawakened after she saw the movie Bombshell, which is about Roger Ailes’ sexual harassment of women at Fox News.

“I didn’t say anything for years because I didn’t remember,” she said, before going on to describe it as “the worst 90 seconds of my life, for sure, because it just made me hate myself.”

Daniels said she didn’t feel “physically threatened” by Trump, but did think about escaping the room, and recalled her internal monologue of: “I could definitely outrun him.”