Christian Prophet: The US Is Secretly Under “Military Tribunals” And Trump Will Soon Be Restored To Power

“You can’t substantiate something in the natural that’s not validated in the spirit realm. And so this whole election is still going.

“I’m not afraid to say it, we’re under military tribunals. The military is in charge of our nation right now. And there’s some people that might not like that.

“The last line of defense in our Constitution It comes down to the military will take control temporarily until order is restored in our nation.

“And they are not Democrats or Republicans, they could care less, they don’t answer to anybody. They don’t answer to a Supreme Court.

“They don’t answer to a would-be elect. They don’t answer to anybody. They take control of the republic to figure out the mess.

“And once they figure it out, once they come to a conclusion based upon their own information, then they will restore power and order back to the people.

“That’s their job, and that’s the last line of defense.” – Self-proclaimed prophet Jeff Jansen.