Christian Prophet: The Super Bowl Interception Made By Player Wearing #45 Proves Trump Will Be President

Kyle Mantyla reports at Right Wing Watch:

Johnny Enlow, who claimed in January that the result of the college football national championship game was a prophetic sign that President Donald Trump would remain in office (he didn’t), asserted that a game-sealing interception by Buccaneers’ linebacker Devin White near the end of the game prophetically signaled that Trump will return to office because White wears the number 45.

“It was 31-9, but at that point, it took out even the possibility [of a comeback], that was just it, there was no miracle comeback at that point, once number 45 [intercepted the pass]. So I’m going to make a [prophetic] connection with number 45 intercepting the enemy in the end zone,  and I’m going to connect that with our president number 45—Donald Trump, the Cyrus 45, Isaiah 45 anointing—and so that’s where it ends, that’s the moment of celebration.”

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