CHATTER AWAY: Overnight Open Thread

Vice News reports:

It is abnormal to begin a review with a line from another review, but these are mildly abnormal times, the line accidentally exposes the entire media backdrop to HIV, and It’s A Sin is an abnormality of the highest order: a first-rate TV drama about the British AIDS crisis in the 80s and 90s.

“This all takes on a special resonance, of course, in the time of COVID,” began Lucy Mangan in the Guardian last month, after sketching out the premise of the show: a group of young people who move into a flat in London together in 1981 and who, throughout the next decade, are skinned alive by AIDS.

Beware, spoilers are at the link above. The five-episode series streams on HBO Max in the US starting on February 18th. My friends in the UK were raving about it on a Zoom call recently.