Anti-Vaxxers Are Cruelly Tormenting Pregnant Women

The Daily Beast reports:

Last week, Michelle Rockwell logged on to Facebook to see her face splashed across a post from someone she’d never met. Two months earlier, Rockwell had lost her baby in a tragic miscarriage, and the post—a collage of text and pictures from her popular Instagram—insinuated that the COVID-19 vaccine was the culprit.

“Dec. 21 she got it,” it read. “Jan. 24th, she lost her baby. Another one.” The post was entirely inaccurate. (In her own Instagram post on the subject, Rockwell called it “bullshit.”)

Rockwell, a family medicine doctor, had indeed received the vaccine on Dec. 21, but had miscarried almost a month before that. But that didn’t stop the post from spreading rapidly across social media, via pastel-tinted mommy pages and anti-vaxxer Instagram accounts like “cv19vaccinereactions.”

Read the full article. As you’ll see, Rockwell is but one victim of a cruel and widespread campaign against pregnant women who get vaccinated.