Twitter Finally Bans Extremist Lawyer Lin Wood

Newsweek reports:

Twitter has suspended the account of controversial lawyer, Donald Trump supporter and QAnon conspiracy theorist Lin Wood after he posted a series of tweets about the mob storming the U.S. capitol. Wood claimed those who smashed their way into the building were antifa supporters. “Do not be fooled. Trump supporters are peaceful. It was antifa that created the violence in our cities over the past several months,” he wrote.

After his account was suspended, he took to the social media platform Parler to claim a “coup” was underway. “The time has come Patriots,” he wrote. “This is our time. Time to take back our country. Time to fight for our freedom. Pledge your lives, your fortunes, & your sacred honor. There will not be another chance. Speak TRUTH. Be FEARLESS. Almighty God is with you. TODAY IS OUR DAY.”

Wood continues to make death threats on Parler.