Trial Result: J&J Single-Shot Vaccine Is 66% Effective

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Johnson & Johnson said its experimental Covid-19 vaccine was 66% effective at protecting people from moderate to severe disease in a large clinical trial, positive results that could pave the way for its deployment across the U.S. within weeks.

The J&J vaccine also appeared to be generally safe and well tolerated among the 44,325 adults aged 18 years and older in the late-stage trial, J&J said Friday, though some of the volunteers reported side effects like fever.

The company, one of the world’s biggest health-care companies, said it would ask American regulators in early February to authorize use. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration could take action by the end of February.

NBC News reports:

Johnson & Johnson’s phase 3 trial results found that the vaccine was 85 percent effective overall at preventing severe disease, which included illnesses requiring hospitalization. The data came from more than 44,000 participants in the U.S., South Africa, and several Latin American countries.

Results varied by region, however. In the U.S., the single dose was 72 percent effective at preventing both moderate and severe illness. (Moderate illness included symptoms such as low oxygen levels, shortness of breath or deep vein thrombosis.)

In Latin America, the effectiveness was lower, at 66 percent. And in South Africa, where a worrisome variant is the predominant strain, the effectiveness fell to 57 percent.