Tony Perkins: Christians Win When They Buy MyPillows

Via email from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

If the cancel culture thought they’d have a pushover in Mike Lindell, they were mistaken. The MyPillow founder has never lost any sleep over the Left’s attacks — and he doesn’t plan to start now.

When a handful of companies decided to drop the popular line over Mike’s concerns over the 2020 election, he wasn’t rattled. He just vowed to stand taller for any business who might be next.

The cancel culture would love nothing better than to shut up Christians and drive them from the public square.

That’s a lot harder to do when we refuse to live in fear of anyone but God. “The Lord is on my side,” the psalmist says. “…What can man do to me?”

It takes a lot of courage to speak the truth when your livelihood is on the line. So when these business leaders are attacked — like Mike and [Goya CEO] Bob Unanue — we need to support them.

Maybe you don’t need another pillow or mattress pad — buy one anyway. There are so many spineless and cowardly people out there.

When you actually find one who’s going to stand up for their convictions — a pastor, business leader, or politician — stand with them. That’s how we fight back. That’s how we win.