Televangelist Places “The Curse Of God On Those That Stole The Election, I Curse You With Poverty” [VIDEO]

The Christian Post reports:

“Father, those that have lied, those that have stolen this election, those that have cheated, I place the curse of God upon them,” Rev. Bob Rodgers of Evangel World Prayer Center in Louisville, which claims 9,000 members, said in a video clip from the service shared online.

“I curse you with weakness in your body. I curse you with poverty. I cursed you with the worst year you’ve ever had in the name of the Lord.”

In another apparent clip from the service, Rodgers, who is also president of Word Broadcasting Network in Louisville and co-hosts a Christian program called “Word Alive” with his wife, Margaret, said he was told personally by an angel that Trump would have won the election.

The clip below has 1.1 million views.