Rioter Trampled To Death In Crush At US Capitol Was Carrying “Don’t Tread On Me” Gadsen Flag [VIDEO]

Raw Story reports:

A woman who was reportedly trampled to death during a riot inside the U.S. Capitol was reportedly obsessed with the QAnon conspiracy theory, according to her friends and family. A photo shows that she carried a Gadsden “don’t tread on me” flag at a protest before the violent siege.

Rosanne Boyland, 34, was among four of President Donald Trump’s supporters who died Wednesday inside the Capitol after breaking inside to disrupt the congressional certification of Joe Biden’s win, and her family blames the president she fervently backed, reported WGCL-TV.

Boyland was knocked to the ground and crushed as crowds breached the Capitol, according to Axios, and suffered a fatal medical emergency.

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