Rioter Is Son Of Prominent Brooklyn Judge [VIDEO]

Gothamist reports:

Dressed in fur pelts and a bullet proof vest, Aaron Mostofsky joined an early wave of rioters who swarmed the halls of Congress, forcing lawmakers to evacuate before certifying Joe Biden’s election victory.

The man’s father is Shlomo Mostofsky, a prominent modern Orthodox figure in Brooklyn and former president of the National Council of Young Israel. He was elected to the Kings County Supreme Court last January with the backing of the Brooklyn Democratic Party.

His brother, Nachman Mostofsky, is the vice president of the South Brooklyn Conservative Club. Asked how he ended up in the Capitol building, Nachman said his brother was “pushed inside.”

Read the full article. In photos taken inside the Capitol, Mostofsky can be seen alongside a man brandishing the Confederate flag. It’s not known if they were together or if Mostofsky is affiliated with the other nutjob seen nearby also wearing fur pelts. Watch his interview, in which he says the New York election was stolen.