Queens GOP “Conga Party” Venue Loses Liquor License

NBC News reports:

New York state authorities yanked the liquor license of a restaurant that played host to a “Covid conga line” and might have led to at least one infection, officials said Thursday. The Whitestone Republican Club threw its Christmas bash at Il Bacco in Queens.

“After video surfaced of a potential superspreader holiday party at Il Bacco with maskless dancing, the SLA immediately launched an investigation,” the State Liquor Authority said in a statement.

“During a follow-up inspection, investigators found flagrant violations of indoor dining regulations and existing health safety and Alcoholic Beverage Control laws, while verifying the maskless party depicted in the video did in fact occur.”

From the Whitestone Republican Club:

There are clearly two camps people have broken into during this challenging time. One that believes that people should be forced into compliance with recommended guidelines under threat of force by official penalty and retaliation.

The second believes that people should be responsible to decide for themselves how to protect their health and how much risk they are willing to assume, just as we do with most other personal risk decisions in our society.

We clearly fall into the second camp. Defending our personal liberties is paramount in a free society, and no one should be penalized, shamed, or ostracized for how they choose to live their life.