QAnon/GOP Rep Complains That Media Doesn’t Report On Her “Thousands Of Really Nice Facebook Posts”

Newsweek reports:

Police escorted a reporter from a town hall event in Dalton, Georgia after she attempted to ask Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) a question on Wednesday night. Meredith Aldis, a reporter for Tennessee NBC affiliate WRCB, was removed from the event immediately after questioning the congresswoman, according to the outlet.

During Wednesday’s town hall, Greene portrayed herself as a victim of unfair media coverage. She complained that her “really nice” posts about Bible verses were not making headlines instead.

“They’re going to dig up anything they can to make me sound like a monster and a horrible person and they’re gonna report about that nonstop. But they’re never gonna post about the thousand and thousands of really nice Facebook or Twitter posts that I’ve made.”