Proud Boys Followers Vote For “Total War” In Poll

Right Wing Watch reports:

A prominent Proud Boys Telegram channel is “Proud Boys: Uncensored,” which is reportedly being operated by the leader of the New Hampshire chapter of the Proud Boys, Todd M. Clark. The fascism-promoting channel has continued to incite violence in the wake of the attack on the Capitol, claiming that “the difference between a patriot and a rebel depends on who wins the war.”

The channel also encouraged its followers to target politicians. It posted a clip of Sen. Lindsey Graham being harassed by an angry mob of Trump supporters at the airport with the caption, “They’re no longer safe in public. Never let these system agents known a moment of peace.” Shortly thereafter, the “Proud Boys: Uncensored” channel polled its followers on whether or not they wanted “total war.” More than 10,500 people voted in the poll, 75 percent of whom voted “yes.”

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