Perkins: Things Will Only Get Worse For Christianists

Via email from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

For most of us, the last week has felt like a lifetime. In the course of eight days, we’ve lost the Senate and an election challenge, watched as angry people stormed the Capitol and equally angry leaders impeached the president.

We’ve seen the crushing of our voice, the silencing of our freedoms, and felt the wave of corporate punishment start to roll across the country. This nation is in a political and cultural dilemma — and it’s only going to get worse.

There are powerful people in this country coming for your rights, your platforms, your very livelihood. And they’re using what happened at the Capitol as an excuse to shut Christians down — permanently.

Right now, we have a choice: we can fight the world’s way, or we can fall to our knees in prayer, recognizing that what this country faces is beyond our ability to solve. Ultimately, there’s only one solution to this battle, and it’s spiritual.

“Angry people.”