Perkins: Stop Attacking Evangelicals For Having Backed Trump Since “We Can Only Work With What We Have”

Via email from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

The reality is, these Never Trumpers, some of them evangelicals, have done nothing but sit in their ivory towers these last four years and heap criticism on the well-meaning Christians trying to protect our country.

All they do is harass and chastise the believers on the frontlines of the culture, because they think we didn’t make the right choice between two imperfect candidates. But for them to sit back and say, “There’s a reckoning coming for any Christian who supported Trump. Look at what’s happened,” is unconscionable.

One of the things that bothers me most about these Never Trumper attacks is that they continue to set up this false argument about evangelicals. They want to know why so many Christians were drawn to a man who was so obviously disconnected to what evangelicals believe about personal morality and so on. Look, we only had a choice.

And I’ve said this before — I was not an early Trump supporter. I campaigned around the country for Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas.). But when it came down to a choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, guess what?

I began having conversation with Donald Trump — and I supported him based on a set of preconditions that he met throughout the course of his first term. For anyone to suggest America would be better off today had Hillary Clinton been president the last four years is ridiculous.

What Never Trumpers want is for Christians to feel ashamed enough to walk away from the political process. They think that if believers stay on the sidelines, we won’t get our hands dirty — and we’ll somehow appear more righteous to the outside world.

But life isn’t made up of perfect choices, and Christians can’t be blamed for the imperfect candidates set before us. We can only work with what we have.