Perkins Blames DC Riot On Lack Of Jesus In Schools

Via email from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

There are those who will say that the real villains of the siege were Antifa or some other fascists in disguise. And that may be true. Over the next few days, it’ll be up to law enforcement to make those determinations. But there are conservatives who condone the lawlessness that took place yesterday as a means of obtaining justice.

To my friends who hold such a view, I ask: How can the rule of law be restored by lawlessness? Violence and destruction are wrong no matter whose side is responsible. I denounced the lawlessness of this past year, when Democratic leaders watched in silence as our cities burned to the ground — and I denounce it now.

It’s what happens when God is ejected from schools, courts, politics, and polite conversation — and you allow rioting and looting and burning to take over our cities unchecked. It doesn’t matter if your cause is just. Order never comes from chaos.

For starters scripture makes it very clear that when we live by the law, we rebuke those who are lawless. We have to work within the confines of our Constitution.