LIVE VIDEO: Trump Addresses Cultists At DC Rally

Washington’s ABC News affiliate reports:

Thousands of people are gathering for the “Save America March” Wednesday on day two of planned demonstrations in the District. These demonstrations are happening on the same day Congress is expected to certify the Electoral College results for Joe Biden, which President Donald Trump continues to dispute.

Gates for the march opened at 7 a.m. Wednesday and President Donald Trump tweeted Tuesday that he will speak at 11 a.m. on the Ellipse. The Save America March is one of several demonstrations happening in D.C. Wednesday.

Women for America First will hold a “March for Trump” to demand transparency and protect election integrity. The demonstration will feature speakers from Women for America First, Congressional Representatives, Roger Stone, Julio Gonzalez, Rudy Giuliani, Diamond and Silk.

I’ll bump this post back to the top when it gets closer to Trump’s scheduled appearance. I’ll likely post other live streams if the cultists fulfill their vow to march on the US Capitol. It’s currently overcast and 37 degrees in DC.