Leading QAnon Cultist Undermines “It Was Antifa” Lies

From Deanna Lorraine’s posts on Parler:

I have never been more proud of our patriot movement than the display that I experienced today at the DC Capitol. Do not listen to anything the MSM says. We stormed the Capitol, we fought through dozens of rounds of tear gas and bullets and SWAT police all day.

We climbed the rafters and yes, some angry patriots broke through the building and ran through the House, that WE pay for, that is OUR house.

We showed up, en Masse, and were angry, passionate, and the spirit of 1776 emanated from every fiber of our beings. An incredible day we must not ever forget. And EVERY patriot should be proud AF.

I got tear gassed about 10 times today. And I’ll do it 20 times more. It’s the least we could do to save our Republic. Do you think General Patton was afraid of a little tear gas? How bout the troops that stormed the beaches of Normandy do you think they were scared of some coughing and watery eyes?

This is a COMMUNIST TAKEOVER. We are done after this. Done. It’s now or never we fight like hell.

I can’t believe how many of you “Conservatives” are just blindly listening and believing all the MSM talking points about what happened yesterday at the DC capitol, then judging us or saying this was Trump’s fault.

While you were sitting comfortably at homes on your couch pretending to “fight the commies” while we actually go to war with them and try to save our Republic.

What have YOU done? There was NO violence yesterday. I repeat, NO violence. The only violence was the violence thrown at us by the DC cops, with tons of rounds of tear gas, bullets, and unnecessary shots fired at patriots for no reason resulting in deaths.

A few people breaking in, roaming around and taking selfies in Nancy Pelosi’s office chair to troll is not “violence.”

And if you’re not even willing to back patriots who are righteously angry doing something like that, you have no skin in the game, no ground to complain when the Communist takeover of America is complete.

RELATED: Lorraine last appeared on JMG when she claimed Democrats infected Trump’s debate microphone with COVID. Before that, she appeared here when she called for organizing militias to attack “little skinny soy boys who can’t even swim.” Along with Shitbag Todd Starnes, Lorraine was a primary promulgator of the “empty hospitals” claims in the early days of the pandemic. Lorraine has run for the US House twice, failing to unseated Nancy Pelosi. At the time of her November banning by Twitter, she had nearly 400,000 followers.