KY Nurse Fired For Role In Riots: I Stood Up For Trump

Evansville’s ABC News affiliate reports:

Lori Vinson told Eyewitness News she went to Washington D.C. on Jan. 6. “I believe in what our President stands for and the injustices that have been done. I feel like if I can take a stand on something that’s what I should do,” Vinson said.

But her time in D.C. was seen by many others on social media- others who decided to share her posts with those in the FBI. “The FBI showed up here and after speaking to me said you’re not going to be hearing from me again,” Vinson said.

These findings on social media were also sent to her workplace at Ascension St. Vincent in Evansville. Vinson said they terminated her and paperwork lists that her actions on Jan. 6 were found to be criminal.