Homocon Failed US House Candidate Claims Fiance Got Fired After They Attended Mar-A-Lago New Year’s Gala

The Daily Mail reports:

A Republican Congressional candidate has claimed his pharmacist fiancé was fired after the New York Times linked to his Instagram showing the couple ringing in the new year at Mar-a-Lago. George Santos, who unsuccessfully sought a seat for New York’s 3rd District, lashed out at the newspaper on Saturday, accusing it of exposing his family to ‘danger’ and stripping his fiancé of his ‘livelihood.’

A NYT report of the gala on Friday included a link to Santos’s Instagram, which is public, which offered a glimpse inside the opulent Palm Beach venue where 500 guests were reported to have been invited. Santos shared multiple photos of the ornately decorated ballroom, the dinner menu, as well as some of him and his fiance posing with Trump allies like Rudy Giuliani. In some of photos, guests were seen huddled closely together, with no masks in sight.

Santos lost the November election by 13 points.