Homocon Brandon Straka Charged In Capitol Riots

The Daily Beast reports:

A right-wing activist known for his unwavering support for former President Trump and urging Democrats to walk away from their party has been arrested for participating in the Capitol insurrection.

Brandon Straka, 43, has been charged with several crimes, including impeding a law enforcement officer during civil disorder and engaging in disorderly conduct with the intent to disturb a hearing before Congress, for his role in the Jan. 6 siege.

The ex-New York City hairstylist and self-described “former liberal” is best known for starting the “WalkAway Campaign,” which urged liberal voters to leave the Democratic Party, in 2018.

Straka has made his Twitter account private. He last appeared on JMG this weekend when he went viral for calling female Democrats inherently ugly. Two days after the riots his “Walk Away” group was banned by Facebook. Straka has been put on American Airlines’ no-fly list for staging an anti-mask protest.