Giuliani To Dominion: “Do You Think I’m A Jackass?”

“I haven’t been hiding anything. You’re the ones who have been hiding the machines. You won’t show anybody a single machine. I’ve already gotten to see 22 and they look real bad, the 22 that we’ve seen.

“I’m dying to see the rest so come on, come on guys, you gave us what we’ve been looking for for a long time, and I don’t know how many people you’ve sued and I know why you’re doing it. $1.3 billion — like really, $1.3 billion?

“What do you think I am, some kind of jackass? That’s intended to frighten me, you want to frighten me, you want to scare me, like you have some of these companies and stations that have gone ahead and kissed your you-know-what. Because they’re afraid of you.

“Well, I tell you I’m a crazy guy, I really am, I’m just really crazy. So not only haven’t you scared me, you’ve actually given me something that I couldn’t get through the censorship that’s been set up so nobody can see your machines.” – Rudy Giuliani, on his radio show.