Giuliani Claims Lincoln Project Was Behind DC Riots

The Daily Beast reports:

Saying that the Capitol riot was planned by antifa and “even some right-wing groups that were enemies” of Trump, the ex-mayor wildly claimed that anti-Trump political action committee The Lincoln Project was involved in this supposed scheme.

“Hang on! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa—what are you saying ‘working for The Lincoln Project?’ Right-wing groups, like who?” Bannon quickly interjected. “One of the people who organized this is well-known for having worked with The Lincoln Project in the past,” a wide-eyed Giuliani exclaimed.

As the one-time America’s Mayor continued to go down his rabbit hole, Bannon tried to stop Giuliani—only for the Trump lawyer to demand that he be allowed to finish his theory. “Go ahead,” a bemused Bannon replied.

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