Fox Panelist Defends Trump’s Call To GA Sec Of State: “This Is What His Voters Want, He’s A Man Who Fights”

“The voters who wanted President Trump to have a second term voted for him because he’s a fighter. He’s a man who fights. President Trump doesn’t take advice from political opponents, and here is yet another example where he shows that he’s going to the mat for the over 70 million voters who entrusted him to fight back.

“This is yet another opportunity where he understands the radical leftist agenda that Joe Biden and his administration want to push particularly in the radical list of judges that they want to put on the bench who are politicians in robes and who don’t want to just fairly interpret the law but want to enact a liberal wish list into policy, through the courts.

“And so President Trump understands the stakes of this election and the Georgia election, while it’s a state election, has national implications and is the only way to stopgap the Biden administration from pushing through the radical agenda of D.C. Statehood, Puerto Rico statehood, court-packing, and abolishing the electoral college.

“I will tell you that President Trump’s supporters are glad that he is continuing the fight.” – Fox News panelist and QAnon freak show Gayle Trotter, earning mocking laughter from another Fox panelist.