Feds Say “Insurrectionists” Assaulted At Least 139 Cops

The Washington Post reports:

On Sunday, U.S. prosecutors went further than in previous filings to broadly condemn the actions of rioters, calling the storming of Congress an “insurrection” 10 times in a 20-page court filing, saying it resulted in the obstruction of the Senate certification of then President-elect Joe Biden’s electoral victory, the deaths of five people — including a police officer — and assaults on about 81 Capitol Police and 58 D.C. police officers.

“Every person who was present without authority in the Capitol on January 6 contributed to the chaos of that day and the danger posed to law enforcement, the Vice President, Members of Congress, and the peaceful transfer of power,” wrote prosecutors with the public corruption unit of the U.S. attorney’s office in Washington and the counterterrorism section of the Justice Department’s national security division.

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