Feds Probe Threats Against Georgia Polling Stations

Atlanta’s ABC News affiliate reports:

The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office said that it learned of a threatening email that was sent to several county employees regarding polling locations ahead of Georgia’s second election day.

Since the series of email threats were uncovered, Cherokee County officials said they had learned of several other counties that had received the same emails. The contents of the message have not been released and the source not yet identified.

However, the emails have garnered the attention of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) and FBI which both acknowledged to 11Alive that they were aware of the threat in question.

CBS News reports:

A top Georgia elections official said Monday that officials are investigating potential threats surrounding Tuesday’s Senate runoffs.

Gabriel Sterling [photo], Georgia’s voting system implementation manager, would not detail specific threats but acknowledged at a Monday afternoon press conference that officials believe there could be “any number of potential threats attempting to encourage or discourage turnout.”

“We’ve discussed with GBI, FBI and sheriff’s departments potentially there being threats and we’ve seen some of that nature potentially out there. They’re under investigation,” Sterling said, referring to the Georgia and federal bureaus of investigations.