FBI: Vax-Wrecking Pharmacist Is A Flat-Earther Who Thinks The Sky Is A “Shield” To Block Our View Of God

The Daily Beast reports:

The Wisconsin pharmacist who intentionally sabotaged hundreds of doses of the Moderna coronavirus vaccine because he thought COVID-19 was a hoax, also believes the earth is flat and the sky is actually a “shield put up by the Government to prevent individuals from seeing God.”

That’s according to a newly-unsealed FBI search warrant application obtained by The Daily Beast, which the bureau filed earlier this month requesting permission to analyze an iPhone, a laptop, and a thumb drive seized from Steven Brandenburg when he was arrested in late December.

Read the full article. According to the FBI, the pharmacist also believes that microchips in the vaccine would make people infertile and alter their DNA.

Earlier this week he pleaded guilty to two charges of reckless endangerment, each of which carries a potential prison term of up to ten years.