Father Of Anti-Mask Antonio Sabato Jr Dies Of COVID

Variety reports:

Antonio Sabáto Sr., an Italian American actor known for his roles in “Grand Prix” and “Escape From the Bronx,” died this week due to COVID-19 complications. He was 77. The news of Sabáto’s death was confirmed in a tweet by his son, actor and model Antonio Sabáto Jr., who also posted an old family photo. He shared the news on Jan. 6, with a message saying “Always and forever.”

His son said Jan. 4 that Sabáto was hospitalized in California due to the coronavirus, posting a brief prayer for his father with the tweet. “My papa/dad is in intensive care with covid in California,” he said. “Lord keep him surrounded by angels and pure God’s love and strength within.” The younger Sabáto has been a vocal critic on social media of the use of masks to control the spread of coronavirus.