Facebook Allegedly Bans Homocon “WalkAway” Group

Homocon Trump cultist Brandon Straka appeared here yesterday when he boasted that it was “patriots” who rioted at the US Capitol and definitely not antifa. Today Straka is screaming because Facebook has apparently banned his “WalkAway” group.

According to a notice allegedly sent Straka by Facebook, the group violated their policies on “hateful, threatening, or obscene” content.

Straka, who has appeared onstage at multiple Trump rallies and has been lionized on-air by Fox News hosts, has a history of making false claims about Facebook bannings, so we’ll see if this is real. A search for the group shows “not available” at this writing.

RELATED: Straka recently appeared on JMG when he staged a ridiculous face mask incident on an American Airlines flight, resulting in his being put indefinitely on the carrier’s no-fly list. That same week he was also in the news when a federal court booted his $20 million lawsuit against the NYC LGBT Community center for canceling his “Walk Away” event. In August, he earned a retweet from his Glorious Leader by calling for people to “Leave Democrat cities. Let them rot.”