Erickson: It Wasn’t Antifa, It Was Pro-Trump Extremists

Via email from right wing columnist Erick Erickson:

Encouraged by President Trump, and let’s not mince words here — he told them to march on the Capitol, a mixed group of rabid, malcontented supporters stormed through barricades, smashed windows, and took up residence in the chair belonging to the President of the Senate who also happens to be the Vice President of the United States.

The insurrectionists, having constructed a gallows and hung a noose, entered the Capitol calling for Vice President Pence to show himself. They did so after the President tweeted Pence had lacked the courage to throw out the Electoral College. Then the protestors, various members of Congress, television hosts, and others lied and said it was probably Antifa.

The man with the painted face and horned hat calling for the Vice President to show himself, a key organizer of the insurrection, was a well known Trump supporter. He had his picture taken standing next to a few Neo-Nazis. Surely there were some leftwing anarchists there too. But this was organized by Trump supporters and egged on by the President.