Dobbs Tries To Blame Capitol Riots On Pelosi [VIDEO]

Media Matters has the transcript:

The facts directly contradict the popular narrative suddenly of the national left-wing media, the radical Dems, the anti-Trump RINOs — all of whom are in combine and hell-bent on blaming the riots on President Trump.

It’s extraordinary. And why is that? Well, make no mistake, part of their motivation is to divert public attention from their own negligence and failure to act before January 6th to prevent the violence.

Just days before the January 6th tragedy, the FBI knew of the threat of violence and discouraged some individuals who were planning violence from traveling to Washington.

There are also reports suggesting that House Speaker Pelosi and Senator Mitch McConnell were briefed about potential violence prior to January 6th as U.S. Capitol Police is overseen by the congressional leaders, the Speaker of the House in particular.

Neither Nancy Pelosi’s office nor Senator McConnell’s office would respond as to whether they were briefed about the intelligence that violence would occur or could occur on January 6th.