DC Cop Beaten By Rioters Thanks Handful That Tried To Stop Attack “But Fuck You For Being There” [VIDEO]

Mediaite reports:

Washington D.C. Metro Police Officer Michael Fanone — who was beaten by pro-Trump insurrectionists during the attack on Capitol Hill last week — spoke out in a CNN interview with sharp words, even for the members of the crowd who tried to assist him in some fashion.

“I was just, you know, trying to fight as best I could,” Fanone said. “I remember guys were stripping me of my gear, these riders pulling my badge off my chest. They ripped my radio off my vest, started pulling ammunition magazines from their holder on my belt.”

Officer Fanone revealed that “A lot of people have asked me my thoughts on the individuals in the crowd that helped me or tried to offer some assistance, and I think kind of the conclusion I’ve come to is like, you know, ‘Thank you, but fuck you for being there.’”

Read the full article. Definitely watch the clip.