CPAC Threatens To Sue Politico For “Canceling” Them

Fox News reports:

The American Conservative Union on Tuesday accused Politico of attempting to “cancel” the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) by contacting potential sponsors in an act that “crosses the line from protected speech to political activism.” CPAC organizers sent a scathing letter, signed by American Conservative Union general counsel David Safavian, to Politico’s CEO and top editor that promises legal action.

It began by claiming Politico has ignored its “ethos” to provide accurate reporting and nonpartisan impactful information. American Conservative Union’s general counsel wrote that the effort from Politico staffers “amounts to tortious interference with business relationships” that won’t be tolerated. However, the news organization maintains that it hasn’t done anything wrong. “POLITICO is doing what journalists do—ask questions and pursue truth. We will continue to do so,” a Politico spokesperson told Fox News.