City Of Detroit Seeks Disbarment For Kraken Lawyers

Law & Crime reports:

Right-wing attorneys Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, and the rest of the so-called “Kraken” counsel seeking to overturn the 2020 presidential elections should face proceedings to be disbarred, the city of Detroit told a federal judge on Tuesday.

“We have been horrified by the inappropriate actions of these attorneys and the plaintiffs themselves, and we have intended to seek any sanction the court can order,” Detroit’s counsel David Fink told Law&Crime in a phone interview.

Cataloguing Powell and Wood’s “lies,” “unhinged conspiracy theories,” and “fraud on the court,” Detroit created a detailed list of the duo’s courtroom and extrajudicial antics—such as their pining for martial law, fundraising through shadowy dark-money entities, and marshaling a secret witness code-named “Spyder” who later told a reporter that the legal team made him submit a false declaration.

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