Christian Site Celebrates DC Riot By “Patriotic Army”

Pastor Caleb Cooper writes for Charisma News:

As I stepped on the soil of our great nation’s Capitol, I could see and hear the sound of a patriotic army marching to the declarations of “Stop the steal,” “USA,” “God bless America” and “Say no to communism.” Jericho marches were happening around the Capitol.

I entered the south side as prayer and worship were taking place on the lawn. Slowly the lawn began to fill up with born-again believers in Jesus Christ, patriots who love this great country.

The people moved past the barriers into the courtyard of the Capitol, continuing up the stairs as law enforcement were moved back by the mental intensity and determination of the American people’s passion to get to the truth concerning the allegations of election fraud.

The patriots were innumerable. They filled the top platform of the Capitol, with a sea of people extending down the stairs and into the courtyard and beyond.

Over the crowd, I saw American flags, Trump flags and Appeal to Heaven flags being carried past the barriers and making their way to the top as the crowd began to sing the National Anthem and shout “USA.”

NOTE: In the photo above, one of these good Christians brandishes shards of Nancy Pelosi’s US Capitol office plaque.