Christian Prophet: Trump Is Recognized From Heaven As Planet Earth’s Primary Governmental Leader [VIDEO]

“There’s all these dimensions that the Lord is coming to affect and change right now, and President Trump still has a very active, viable role in that. Believe me, God is doing things with him, and I won’t go into it more than that.

“But he’s not a passive player; he is recognized from Heaven as the primary government leader on planet Earth. People need to know that.

“From Heaven, President Trump is recognized as the primary government leader on planet Earth.” – Christian prophet Johnny Enlow, who says Trump’s second term will begin “fairly quick.”

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Johnny Enlow reveals that the final score of the 2021 college football championship contains a hidden message from God that Trump will remain president. Johnny Enlow declares that Trump is only dragging out the Biden transition in order to gain evidence against the Democrats he plans to execute.