Brian Brown: Biden Will Appoint LGBTs, Send Money

Via email from hate group leader Brian Brown:

The LGBT agenda is expansive and radical. At the top of the list is the worst legislative threat we have ever faced – the grossly misnamed “Equality Act.”

Unfortunately, it’s not just the so-called “Equality Act” that we need to be worried about. The LGBT lobby has sent the incoming Biden administration an agenda for executive action they call “Blueprint for positive change.”

This agenda contains 85 specific other demands they expect them to implement right away by executive fiat, and it is very likely that Joe Biden will try to do so. These demands do not require federal legislation but can be decreed through regulatory and agency actions.

At the top of this list is implementing through every tentacle of government the Supreme Court’s wrongly-decided Bostock ruling from last year declaring that as far back as 1964 Congress intended the definition of sex to mean “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.”

Their agenda also includes evisceration of religious liberty protections concerning LGBT issues, making transgender individuals eligible to serve in the military, appointing openly-declared LGBT justices to the courts, as well as to the administration and ambassadorships, and numerous other demands. This is only the beginning.

We face a serious crisis and we must step up to meet this moment. NOM is a grassroots organization that largely depends on periodic one-time financial contributions that supporters make in response to our requests.

But that model may no longer be sufficient to meet the many challenges before us, which will come one after the other requiring us to be able to act immediately.

To succeed in this new environment we need to build a strong base of monthly donors on whom we can count for a stable source of funding.

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