Axios: Trump Wanted To Sue The Lincoln Project

Axios reports:

The male voice in the TV ad boomed through the White House residence during “Fox & Friends” commercial breaks. Over and over and over. “The end is coming, Donald. … On Jan. 6, Mike Pence will put the nail in your political coffin.”

The Lincoln Project, the anti-Trump PAC dedicated to pissing off the president with viral commercials, was back in his head with their voodoo. President Trump, furious, told his vice president to send the Lincoln Project gang a cease-and-desist letter.

In reality, this would only have further delighted Trump’s tormentors and provided ammo for another ad. Marc Short, chief of staff to Mike Pence, consulted officials on the Trump campaign. Their advice: Just ignore it.

Read the full article for a lengthy recounting of Trump’s insane pressure campaign for Pence to reject the electors.