Wisconsin Supreme Court Tosses Trump Campaign Suit

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports:

The Wisconsin Supreme Court threw out President Donald Trump’s election lawsuit Thursday, two days after he asked the justices to revoke the certification of a contest he lost by nearly 21,000 votes.

In the 4-3 decision, the justices said they would not accept the case he filed directly with them. The president can try to pursue the matter in a lower court, but Thursday’s ruling is a setback that shows he is near the end of the road with his legal challenges in Wisconsin.

Conservative Justice Brian Hagedorn joined the court’s three liberals to reject the case, saying any challenge should start in circuit court. “We do well as a judicial body to abide by time-tested judicial norms, even — and maybe especially — in high-profile cases,” he wrote.

This case is separate from Trump’s “personal” lawsuit calling for unseating Wisconsin’s electors.