Video Shows NYC Bar Owner Striking Cop With His Car

The New York Daily News reports:

Surveillance video shows the moment Staten Island pub owner Daniel Presti slammed into a city sheriff’s deputy with his Jeep — and the barkeep’s lawyer maintains the footage clears his client.

The video shows Presti, 33, who co-owns Mac’s Public House on Lincoln Ave. in Grant City, running along South Railroad Ave. toward his Jeep, with two sheriff deputies chasing after him.

The sheriffs slow down and approach his turquoise Jeep, and one of them, Sgt. Kenneth Matos, steps in front of the Jeep. Presti then zooms forward, while Matos hangs onto the hood. Law enforcement sources said the sergeant suffered two broken tibias.

Read the full article. Presti has become a right wing folk hero and has appeared on Sean Hannity’s show since the incident. Last week hundreds of cultists, including some Proud Boys, rallied outside his shuttered bar. He faces felony assault charges.