UK Close To Striking Brexit Deal With European Union

The Associated Press reports:

Negotiators from the European Union and Britain worked through the night and into Christmas Eve to put the finishing touches on a trade deal that should avert a chaotic economic break between the two sides next week. Trade will change regardless come Jan. 1, when the U.K. leaves the bloc’s single market and customs union.

But both sides have been working furiously to avoid a nightmare scenario, in which the imposition of tariffs and duties would cost billions in trade and hundreds of thousands of jobs and potentially so snarl ports that many goods would struggle to get through.

The Sun reports:

Britain is holding its breath today as Boris Johnson is on the verge of sealing a historic Christmas eve Brexit deal – but negotiators are still haggling over fish at the last minute.

The PM is set to address the nation today to reveal the pact, which will allow us to trade freely with the EU without tariffs or quotas and bring to an end four bitter years of Brexit wrangling.

The PM is reported to be speaking with EU chief Ursula Von der Leyen at any moment – where they will put the final touches on a deal and sign it off.