Trump Megadonors To Control Vaccine Distribution

Bloomberg News reports:

Federal officials have said states will receive initial deliveries of the two vaccines within 24 hours of regulatory approval. Pfizer’s vaccine may be approved as soon as next week, Vice President Mike Pence has said.

Each shot will be tracked by a computer system at HHS built by Palantir Technologies Inc. and Oracle Corp., another senior administration official said. No health provider can administer a vaccine without being enrolled in the system, the official said, which will provide a daily record of how many people in the country have been vaccinated.

The two companies are close to the White House. Palantir chairman Peter Thiel and Oracle CEO Safra Catz have been Trump supporters. The administration aims to vaccinate 20 million Americans by the end of the year, the official said.

Fox News reports:

President Trump is expected to sign an executive order Tuesday that will ensure all Americans have access to the coronavirus vaccine before the U.S. government begins aiding nations around the world, Fox News has learned.

Senior administration officials told Fox News Monday that the president will reemphasize to the American people that the “priority has been an America First approach,” during a vaccine summit at the White House Tuesday.