Trump Campaign Claims Rudy Giuliani Tested Negative Before His Hearings In Arizona, Michigan, And Georgia

The Detroit Free Press reports:

Rudy Giuliani tested positive for COVID-19, President Donald Trump announced on Twitter Sunday, four days after Trump’s attorney appeared in Lansing for a four-hour committee hearing on the Nov. 3 election. During the meeting, 76-year-old Giuliani didn’t wear a mask while he addressed Michigan lawmakers — some of whom also didn’t have masks on. At one point during the hearing in Michigan Wednesday, Giuliani suggested Jessy Jacob, a city of Detroit employee who helped with the election, take her mask off.

The Associated Press reported Giuliani was exhibiting some symptoms and was admitted Sunday to Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington. Trump’s campaign issued a statement Sunday night that Giuliani had “tested negative twice immediately” preceding his trip to Arizona, Michigan and Georgia last week. He was in Arizona on Monday and Georgia on Thursday. He didn’t experience symptoms or test positive for the virus until more than 48 hours after his trip concluded, according to the statement.

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