Trump Admin Further Guts Endangered Species Act

Burning it all down on the way out:

The Trump administration on Tuesday narrowed habitat protections for endangered species, finalizing its second major rollback to the Endangered Species Act.

The latest rule narrows the definition of habitat to areas that can currently support a species, a move environmentalists say ignores the changing climate or efforts that could be made to modify a landscape.

Numerous studies have found the globe is in the midst of an extinction crisis, with species dwindling as their habitat shrinks due to logging, agriculture, human expansion and climate change.

Before joining the Trump administration, Interior Sec. David Bernhardt was a lobbyist for Haliburton, Cobalt Energy, the Independent Petroleum Association, and similarly dastardly outfits. In June, Bernhardt unveiled a plan to allow drilling off Florida’s Gulf coast, but only after the November election. He last appeared on JMG when he rushed through arctic drilling leases ahead of the Biden takeover.