Tony Perkins: Trump Kept His Anti-LGBTQ Promises

Via email from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

Despite being only a few days away from Christmas vacation, the Trump administration continues to follow through on its commitment to life and religious liberty, with nine different federal agencies finalizing a joint rule this week providing for fair and equal treatment for religious groups in federal programs.

HHS Secretary Alex Azar joined me yesterday on “Washington Watch” to discuss his department’s participation in this rule. Secretary Azar explained that the Obama administration had put “a scarlet letter” on faith-based providers which required them to announce their status and direct funds to secular providers instead.

Yet “if their faith wasn’t there, most of them would not be nonprofits,” Secretary Azar told me. “That’s what motivates them.” Indeed, by breaking with the previous administration’s discrimination, the Trump administration’s HHS has proven its commitment to protect religious liberty once again and to respect the good that faith-based nonprofits do.

Among the “promises” kept by Trump, was this month’s finalization of a rule that rolled back an Obama-era ban on anti-LGBTQ discrimination by companies that do business with the federal government. The change potentially affects millions of LGBTQ citizens. As you may recall, one week after being inaugurated Trump claimed the rule would stand.